Safety management in your organisation

Safety management in your organisation revolves around the creation of policies and procedures that protects your people. We help you ensure your organisation’s safety management framework complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Leadership and organisational safety

Effective safety management starts at a governance level; leaders are critical in developing a positive health and safety culture that engages and protects all stakeholders, including employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

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Health-check your safety management strategy

If you want to check if safety is positioned correctly on your board’s agenda, ask yourself these questions:

        1. Does your board maintain an active corporate risk register?
        2. Is the board aware the of all the risks your company is exposed to?
        3. Are sufficient resources allocated to mitigate risk?

If you take a more proactive approach to safety management you can positively impact shareholder value by reduced reputational risk, increasing employee productivity, and reducing litigation costs.

Framing corporate safety as a competitive tool is a positive step in the right direction.

Appointing a Competent Person

Organisations must appoint a competent person (or third party) with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to support duty holders:

Designated Person with ultimate Responsibility for H&S (Board Level)

Support will include ensuring the board are aware of their specific responsibilities e.g. corporate manslaughter, and helping them discharge their duties, primarily by ensuring they provide adequate resources to manage health and safety.


Senior Managers (Operational Responsibility)

The competent person will provide business specific advice and guidance to enable senior management to understand the risks they own; the mitigation processes they operate and to support reactively in the event of an incident.

Senior managers are responsible for utilising the resources allocated by the board and providing management information around key performance indicators.

Our resources hub hosts lots of useful information including webinars, podcasts and articles which may guide you in your approach to implementing suitable health and safety consultancy support within your organisation.

Safety management systems

Health and safety management systems are a proven method of reducing risks in the workplace.

A management system takes time to develop and to become integrated into all business processes. Once implemented, checking that the system is functioning is essential.

An external safety audit offers an independent review of whether you are currently complying with relevant health and safety regulation, if you are employing appropriate risk mitigation strategies and if the processes are being followed and evidenced.

The scope of the audit will meet the health and safety objectives set by the board; this could be at the legal minimum standard, or higher, depending on the corporate appetite for meeting or exceeding the standards set by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The role of safety management software in safety audits

Workplace safety and health audits are a snapshot of how a workplace functions on a particular day and whether they comply with the management system at the time of the audit.

Auditing allows the management team to compare how effectively the occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system is being operated within different parts of the organisation and act where needed.

Software based safety management systems allow organisations to see management information in real time for use as an operational and strategic tool.

These systems overcome the limitations of a human’s influence on the safety audit process by ensuring consistency of reporting, transparencies of operations, smooth information flow to stakeholders.

“Praxis42 support competent persons to develop, implement and monitor health and safety management systems.

Adam Clarke

Managing Director (Consulting)  - Praxis42

Praxis42 Adam

Praxis42 safety management

At Praxis42, we continue to develop our safety management software systems to meet the operational needs of our principal stakeholders, our associate partners, our clients and our health and safety advisors.

We believe this means our health, safety and environmental software solutions are unique.

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