SHINE Document Manager

SHINE Document Manager is a secure, compliance-based document management solution.

Allowing you to build on your internal compliance framework, SHINE Document Manager enables you to store resources, policies and procedures relevant to your compliance needs.

SHINE also provides an audit trail and the ability to report on outcomes. Microsoft Word, PDF’s and videos can be assigned to specific groups within your organisation, so individuals receive the documents relevant to their specific roles.

The benefits of using SHINE Document Manager include:

Assign documents to your workforce

Using the SHINE platform, documents can be assigned to the appropriate audience at the click of a button.

Reports can be quickly generated to detail who has or hasn’t accessed their documents.


Tailored induction programme

SHINE can be used to create a dedicated induction programme for individuals or groups, ensuring your new starters can access the documents they need. It will then automatically create an audit trail of progress for your records.

Addressing staff needs as part of an assessment

Asking each user specific questions as part of an assessment allows you to assign them relevant documentation. For example, if the user hasn’t seen any of your internal wellbeing offerings such as eye test vouchers they can select ‘No’ and receive these automatically, directly into their document folder.


Monitoring specific groups

Managers have access to their team’s data to review their responses or interactions with documents to ensure they fulfil their legal obligations.

Mirrors our SHINE Elearning platform

Existing customers of our eLearning courses will benefit from using the same interface to manage their documents and eLearning requirements, so all eLearning, assessments and documents can be viewed and managed in one place.


Integral for a modern workforce

Cloud based document management offers a safe way to create, collaborate, and share knowledge between people in places.

SHINE can be accessed by all employees from any location.

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